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Wee Deliver

Honeyspot House participates in the U.S. Postal Service's youth postal program, Wee Deliver.  With the guidance of parent volunteers, the children operate a postal service on Fridays.  The program is modeled after the actual postal service, with a Post Master, Letter Carriers, etc.

During the week, the children are encouraged to write letters to one another and/or to the faculty, and the letters are "mailed" in the post box in the lobby by the office.  Parents are welcome to write to their children as well. On Fridays, with the assistance of the parent volunteers, the letters are sorted, canceled and delivered by the children.

Lucky Letter Writers

When the mail is sorted on Friday, a lucky letter writer is randomly selected and wins a prize.  The recipient of the letter wins a prize as well.  A prize is also awarded to the most creative letter writer.