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Fostering an Environment Conducive to Reading


With busy schedules and most parents working, it’s vital to establish a set reading time, every day.  This time should be a quiet, peaceful and enjoyable time of the day.  Twenty minutes per day of reading has been proven to boost reading achievement for students.  Everyone should be reading, parents AND children, and the TV should be OFF!  Here are some tips for establishing a family reading routine:


·       Set 20 minutes per day of family reading time.

·       Read on your own or read a book aloud to children.

·       Read different genres:  poems, short stories, magazine articles, informational texts, or narrative stories.

·       Talk about the books you are reading:  the illustrations, the author’s language, and/or interesting or vivid word choices.

·       Make sure your child reads a book that he/she can read, and then balance it with a more difficult book that you can read to him/her.

·       Read stories at the same time, alternate pages, or “echo read”.


In a world with so much technology, get back to the basics of reading at night.  Set the mood and atmosphere for reading.  Be cozy, sit on pillows, rockers, or couches, and enjoy the quiet family time together.   J


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