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Create a Reading Environment

Parents create a reading environment when they...

  • encourage reading in bed at night.
  • read books they as well as their children enjoy.
  • show their love of books by giving them as gifts.
  • display magazines, newsapers, lists, and catalogs.
  • read themselves so their children have positive role models.
  • encourage conversation about books.
  • ask and answer questions when reading with their children.
  • read together every day with their child.
  • regularly visit the local library.
  • are good listeners...positive, relaxed, and encouraging.
  • encourage reading for recreation and pleasure.

Parents can do many things to promote the love of reading in their homes by making books an important part of their lives.  They should encourage children to read their favorite books again and again, read from a variety of genres, and allow children to choose their own books.


Ideas taken from Partners in Print.