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Author's Birthdays

4th       Joan Aiken
4th       Syd Hoff
5th       Paul Fleischman
8th       Jack Prelutsky
9th       Aileen Fisher
13th      Roald Dahl
14th      John Steptoe
15th      Tomie DePaola
15th      Robert Mc Closkey
16th      H.A. Rey
21st      H.G. Wells
27th      Paul Goble
27th      Bernard Waber
3rd      Marilyn Singer
4th      Julia Cunningham
4th      Robert Lawson
4th      Munro Leaf
4th      Donald Sobol
5th      Gene Zion
7th      Susan Jeffers
7th      Robert Westall
8th      R.L. Stine
9th      Johanna Hurwitz
10th      James Marshall
14th      Lois Lenski
19th      Ed Emberly
20th      Crockett Johnson
21st      Polly Longsworth
23rd      Bruce Brooks
24th      Barbara Robinson
26th      Steven Kellogg
26th      Ellen Showell
27th      Constance Green
4th      Sterling North
8th      Mariana Mayer
13th      Robert Louis Stevenson
14th      William Steig
14th      Nancy Tafuri
15th      Daniel Manus Pinkwater
16th      Ann Blades
16th      Jean Fritz
20th      William Cole
25th      Philip Eastman
25th      Marc Brown
26th      Charles Schultz
27th      Kevin Henkes
29th      Louisa May Alcott
29th      Madeline L'Engle
29th      C.S. Lewis
30th      Mark Twain
1st      Jan Brett
2nd      David Macaulay
6th      Elizabeth Yates
10th      Emily Dickinson
10th      Ernest Shepard
19th      Eve Bunting
20th      Richard Atwater
22nd      William Steele
23rd      Avi
26th      Jan Van Leeuwen
30th      Rudyard Kipling
30th      Mercer Mayer
2nd      Isaac Asimov
2nd      Crosby Bonsall
2nd      Jean Little
3rd      Patricia Lee Gauch
4th      Phyllis Naylor
5th      Lynn Cherry
6th      Carl Sandburg
7th      Kay Chorao
8th      Stephen Manes
9th      Clyde Robert Bulla
11th      Mary Rodgers
12th      Clement Hurd
13th      Michael Bond
14th      Pat R. Mauser
16th      Robert Lipsyte
17th      Robert Cormier
18th      A. A. Milne
19th      Edgar Allan Poe
22nd      Brian Wildsmith
27th      Lewis Carroll
29th      Bill Peet
29th      Rosemary Wells
30th      Lloyd Alexander
1st      Langston Hughes
1st      Jerry Spinelli
2nd      Judith Viorst
3rd      Joan Lowery Nixon
4th      Russell Hoban
5th      Patricia Lauber
7th      Charles Dickens
7th      Laura Ingalls Wilder
8th      Anne Rockwell
11th      Jane Yolen
12th      Judy Blume
14th      George Shannon
15th      Norman Bridwell
17th      Robert Newton Peck
17th      Susan Beth Pfeffer
19th      Louis Slobodkin
23rd      C. S. Adler
24th      Wilhelm Grimm
25th      Cynthia Voight
27th      Henry W. Longfellow
28th      Sir John Tenniel
2nd      Leo Dillon
2nd      Dr. Seuss
3rd      Patricia MacLachlan
5th      Mem Fox
8th      Trina Schart Hyman
10th      Jack Kent
11th      Ezra Jack Keats
12th      Virginia Hamilton
13th      Thomas Rockwell
16th      Sid Fleischman
17th      Kate Greenaway
19th      James Otis
20th      Mitsumasa Anno
20th      Lois Lowry
22nd      Randolph Caldecott
24th      Bill Cleaver
26th      Robert Frost
26th      Jerry Pallota
28th      Byrd Baylor
28th      Mary Stolz
30th      Anna Sewell
31st      Andrew Lang
1st      Anne McCaffrey
2nd      Hans Christian Anderson
2nd      Washington Irving
4th      Glen Rounds
5th      Frank Stockton
7th      Donald Carrick
12th      Beverly Cleary
13th      Genevieve Foster
13th      Marguerite Henry
16th      Garth Williams
21st      Barbara Park
22nd      Eileen Christelow
22nd      Paula Fox
23rd      William Shakespeare
26th      Patricia Reilly Giff
27th      John Burningham
27th      Ludwig Bemelmans
29th      Jill Paton Walsh
29th      Nicole Rubel
30th      Harriet Sobol
3rd      Mavis Jukes
3rd      Patricia MacLachlan
4th      Beverly Butler
6th      Leo Lionni
7th      Nonny Hogrogian
8th      Milton Meltzer
9th      Sir James Barrie
11th      Sheila Burnford
12th      Edward Lear
13th      Norma Klein
14th      George Selden
15th      L. Frank Baum
15th      Paul Zindel
16th      Bruce Coville
17th      Gary Paulsen
17th      Eloise Greenfield
18th      Lillian Hoban
18th      Irene Hunt
22nd      Arthur Conan Doyle
22nd      Arnold Lobel
23rd      Margaret Wise Brown
23rd      Scott O'Dell
23rd      Susan Cooper
23rd      Peter Parnall
31st      Jay Williams
1st      James Daugherty
2nd      Paul Galdone
2nd      Helen Oxenbury
2nd      Norton Juster
3rd      Anita Lobel
5th      Richard Scarry
6th      Verna Aardema
6th      Cynthia Rylant
6th      Peter Spier
7th      Nicki Giovanni
7th      John Goodall
10th      Maurice Sendak
11th      Robert Munsch
14th      Laurence Yep
17th      James Weldon Johnson
18th      Pat Hutchins
18th      Chris Van Allsburg
23rd      Theodore Taylor
24th      John Ciardi
24th      Leonard Everett Fisher
25th      Eric Carle
25th      Pearl Buck
26th      Charlotte Zolotow
27th      Helen Keller
27th      Lucille Clifton
29th      Antoine Sainte-Exupery
30th      David McPhail
2nd      Jack Gantos
2nd      Jean Craighead George
6th      Robert Heinlein
8th      Raffi
11th      Patricia Polacco
11th      James Stevenson
11th      E.B. White
12th      Herbert Zim
12th      Henry David Thoreau
13th      Marcia Brown
14th      Peggy Parish
14th      Leon Garfield
15th      Walter Edmonds
15th      Clement C. Moore
16th      Arnold Adoff
19th      Eve Merriam
19th      John Newbery
23rd      Robert Quackenbush
23rd      Patricia Coombs
25th      Ruth Krass
28th      Natalie Babbitt
28th      Beatrix Potter
29th      Sharon Creech
31st      Lynn Reid Banks
31st       Robert Kimmel Smith
31st      J.K. Rowling
1st      Gail Gibbons
2nd      Holling C. Holling
2nd      James Howe
5th      Ruth Sawyer
6th      Matt Christopher
6th      Barbara Cooney
7th      Betsy Byars
8th      Jan Pienkowski
8th      Marjorie K. Rawlings
9th      Patricia McKissack
10th      Margot Tomes
11th      Don Freeman
12th      Walter Dean Myers
15th      Edith Nesbit
15th      Brinton Turkle
16th      Myra Cohn Livingston
18th      Paula Danziger
19th      Ogden Nash
29th      Karen Hesse
30th      Laurent de Brunhoff
30th      Virginia Lee Burton
30th      Donald Crews